Webinar Series: The Marketing Operations Revolution
WEBINAR SERIES: November 27th to December 6th


Marketing operations is the engine of the marketing organization owning the data, technologies and processes that guide the marketing team’s success. Gone are the days that MOps was considered ‘the land of misfit toys’ – today’s MOps experts are leading digital transformation and championing marketing performance management in their organizations.

But it hasn’t been easy. How exactly did they break the mould of being a catch-all reporting function to a highly-sought-after marketing performance leader? What was their journey and what hard lessons did they learn? And what can they share with today’s emerging marketing operations leaders so that they can start their journey to better marketing performance today.

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Session Abstracts

Marketing Ops professionals are facing a number of challenging forces, including how to understand B2B customers with enough depth so that they can help orchestrate appealing experiences and how to equip internal stakeholders who are starving for insights about the impact of their programs. Join this session with Forrester Senior Analyst Allison Snow to learn how the right analytics and measurement tools and process can help B2B companies increase revenue and grow the business, improve the efficiency of marketing programs and monitor overall customer health.

Guest Speaker: Allison Snow, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Optimizing marketing performance is a journey. There’s no shortage of data, but we—in marketing ops— have to be the ones who make it work. On our journey to implementing an organization—wide attribution model, we debunked myths that were once thought of as facts, and created a framework to make decisions, grow, and ultimately provide our team with data and insights that are trusted by the entire organization. In this webinar, I’ll walk through the nuts and bolts of how we did it and share the framework that structured our journey from cost center to revenue generator.

Speaker: Sameer Khan, Director of Marketing Operations, Direct Energy

When Senior Marketing Manager Anna Soo joined the marketing organization at Commvault, it was time consuming to plan budgets, tedious to match marketing campaigns to budget spent, and there was no clear path to measure ROI easily. The team was reactive vs proactive, and was spending way too much time in spreadsheets searching for answers to questions around performance.

To solve this organizational wide problem, Anna knew she needed to create a connected technology stack to reduce manual efforts, automate workflows, and provide accurate ROI data. She worked with her team to stitch together an end-to-end stack that includes Allocadia, Workfront, Marketo, and Salesforce so her team has full visibility into how investments are impacting the outcomes marketing is producing.

Join this session to learn how Commvault:
- Provided team-wide visibility into plans and budgets
- Connected investment and results data to drive actionable ROI measurements
- Created a technology stack that provides full visibility into the impact marketing is driving

Speaker: Anna Soo, Senior Marketing Manager, Commvault

With the growing complexity of marketing responsibilities, it’s critical that all parts of the organization are in constant communication about process changes, program updates, reporting needs, and technology investments. Hear from Ruby Kuo on why Microsoft’s Analytics Team was the one to push for unified decision-making, the hurdles they faced, and the ultimate impact it’s had on their business.

Speaker: Ruby Kuo, Digital Analytics - Global Demand Center, Microsoft

Featured Speakers

Guest Speaker Allison Snow

Senior Analyst

Sameer Khan

Director of Marketing Operations 
Direct Energy

Anna Soo

Senior Marketing Manager 

Ruby Kuo

Digital Analytics - Global Demand Center